Located In Ocala, FL
Horse Capital Of The World

For the Paso Fino aficionado this area offers:

Extensive Show Opportunities – Hosting an average of 3-4 shows each year, OPFHA members do not have to travel far to earn their show points.
Access to elite trainers and training centers
Central Florida has the largest population of Paso Fino horses and more Paso Fino foals are produced here than anywhere else in the country.
Our mild Florida climate permits year-round equine schooling and recreational activities.
The mission of the Paso Fino Horse Association shall be to protect and promote the best interests and welfare of the Paso Fino horse; to protect and maintain the integrity of the Registry, and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino horse; promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the Paso Fino horse; and provide and support member services.

PFHA is the predominant Association dedicated to the welfare and promotion of the Paso Fino horse. We are widely recognized as an international Association whose programs and policies set the standard for the Paso Fino breed. PFHA is an impactful organization which supports robust and fir exhibitions and shows as well as programs for recreational and youth members. PFHA will be known for promoting sound breeding practices, adoption and rescue programs, and pride in our breeds’ illustrious heritage. We will reach our 50th Anniversary financially sound, growing in membership and horse registrations and providing outstanding service and support to our members.

Brief History of the
Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino breed is strong and resilient, but pleasant and natural to ride. Its gait is consistent and moderate, and even riders who must contend with limitations or have been injured in the past find themselves a comfortable partner in the fine Paso Fino horse. Its history stretches back over five hundred years to the Cordela and Andalusia provinces of Spain, and the path of its migration to the New World and into modern equestrianism is closely tied to the story of the nations and individuals that have defined the Americas since Columbus crossed the Atlantic centuries ago. For an in-depth look at this journey, please Click Here

For an in-depth look at this journey:

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